Mobility City, a Business with Higher Purpose!

When a Problem Becomes a Call & a Life-long Commitment

“I am convinced that many great opportunities in life occur unexpectedly. Here is one of them!”

My late husband could not get around quickly because he was suffering from several disabling illnesses, one of which required dialysis for kidney failure. As a result, he depended on his mobility scooter and lift-out chairs to have a better quality of life. We were living in South Florida when one afternoon, as he was coming home from the dialysis center, his mobility scooter broke down close to our home in the middle of a summer rainstorm. A good Samaritan neighbor helped push the scooter to our home. I called the company I purchased the scooter from and unfortunately learned they were out of business.

 I began calling numerous medical equipment companies to get our scooter repaired. After six calls, it became apparent that no medical equipment company wanted to come to the house to service our scooter; in fact, they all wanted us to bring the scooter to them, which was impossible due to our circumstances. After a few days of continually calling around, I finally found a medical equipment company called Mobility City in Fort Lauderdale. On a Saturday afternoon, after speaking to the owner and him understanding my issue, he sent a service technician to our home that afternoon. The service technician evaluated and identified the problem, which was dead batteries. He replaced the batteries, and my husband was relieved, happy, mobile, and independent again!

After this terrible experience, I realized that other seniors and disabled people like us frequently felt abandoned. I learned that mobile medical equipment companies in local stores and the internet would sell the medical equipment. Still, none of them will service and warranty the medical equipment when needed. Furthermore, no efficient repair and maintenance services existed at that time. I was shocked!

After my husband passed away, I decided to do online dating. A dating site brought Vinny into my life. We came to find out it was his company that came out to our home and did the repair on a Saturday afternoon. We eventually fell in love, got married, and decided to take Mobility City to the next level.

We put our primary focus on service at Mobility City, and it became a success. It grew from taking care of individual consumers to also servicing assisted living facilities and their clients. They needed what Mobility City provided; a dependable and reasonable service company. We were convinced that if this service was not readily available in South Florida, it did not exist around the country. We felt franchising the Mobility City business model was the best and fastest way to get this service out there to those in need.

Most of all, the Mobility City franchise model gives people the opportunity to help others, give back to their community and earn a living doing it.


“Mobility City focuses on providing seniors and disabled people with independence to live a better quality of life. Many people spend over twelve hours a day in their mobility equipment, and we must help them enjoy clean, dependable, and mechanically safe mobility equipment.”

Diane and Vinny Baratta -CEO & COO

The Mobility City Model DNA

At Mobility City we Were Built to Combine Three of the Most Critical and Fundamental Components for a True Success!

Our Customers

Our Customers


always go the extra mile to meet and fulfill every requirement of every customer. Their happiness and satisfaction measure our overall performance, inspiring us to become better and more valuable to them.


Our Franchisees

Our Franchisees


Our franchises are all committed to the model that has been in existence for 38 years. We have built a service pledge that we all live by; The Mobility City system has a uniform set of brand standards that result in predictable and consistent service through out our network. We will listen and help solve your challenges to increase your quality of life and provide independence.  

Our Team

Our Team


Our employees always show by their actions that they are part of the Mobility City team, jumping in and helping customers and co-workers provide the best experience possible with a personable and compassionate approach.

38 Years of Proven Expertise Getting You Going


Under Grandpa’s Thumb

My grandfather had built a beautiful Apothecary and Medical Center in Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York. My dad and my uncles, who were all Doctors, were next door practicing medicine. Every Saturday, I loved to work with him, helping customers. I was helping him with renting wheelchairs, adjusting canes and crutches. This is where it all started.


Building the Foundation

After college, I started Omni Surgical Supply in the Home Medical Equipment Industry, and it was exciting to be in my own business. It was a full-service surgical supply store. After almost 20 years, I worked, explored, and learned about the industry, its critical components, and our customer demographic and insights.


Homecare America was Founded

The CEO of a local hospital approached me to help him build “The Superstore for Medical Equipment.” He said to make it like Big-box Retailer of Medical Supplies. I want continuous care for my hospital’s patients, but I was hoping you could run it. That spelled franchise, and this is where my franchise experience started building it to 16 franchises that a sizeable medical distributor purchased. 


So you want to Retire?

After moving to beautiful South Florida, it was only time that I would get bored and restless knowing that the graying of America was around the corner. I felt the residence of South Florida needed an excellent medical supply store, so I started my next business called Mobility City, providing outstanding service with an interactive showroom and my famous racetrack, which people loved. Everyone wants to test out what they are buying!


It was a Saturday that Changed it all

I was always open on a Saturday, and at 4 pm, a woman called and asked for help; her husband’s scooter was broken, and he was dependent on it. I told her no problem; we repaired any power mobility products. I sent an “on-call” tech to her home, and we changed the batteries in his scooter. 


I met Diane

Diane’s husband passed away, and we met through a dating website. Not knowing anything about each other, she was a hairdresser. At dinner, the conversation led to what do you do, and I told her…Yes, I was the company that came out on a Saturday to fix her husband’s scooter. She was so impressed with what we did that we started to talk about the business model. I told her I think this is a franchisable model. We eventually fell in love and got married!


Mobility City…lets franchise and take over the country 

We started franchising with a showroom, one service van, two technicians, and five energetic entrepreneurs from key markets across the country; the Mobility City model was founded and began to disrupt the industry.


COVID Put Our Model to the Test

Despite the overall COVID-19 global impact, our offer not only survived but scaled up brand operations and market presence up to 18 locations in 15 states.

2021 & Beyond

Mobility City 2.0

Time to adjust ourselves to the new “normal,” improving our ability to serve more effectively. The company focuses on operations efficiency without taking away what has made us so successful: Our model is simple to provide our veterans, seniors, the disabled, and the injured young and old with a quality experience as they search for mobility equipment—ultimately providing them with their independence and a better quality of life. 

That is the purpose of Mobility City!

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