A Collection of Commonly Asked Questions at Mobility City of Rio Grande Valley, TX

At our mobility store, we offer a wide range of equipment for rent and for sale, including mobility scooters, power chairs,
lift chairs, and more. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right equipment to meet your needs and budget,
but here is a list of our customers frequently asked questions at Mobility City of Rio Grande Valley, TX.


M-F 9:00am-5:00pm, Saturdays 10:00am-2:00pm

There is always someone in the showroom to help with any mobility equipment

Absolutely! We deliver throughout the entire Rio Grande Valley

Purchasing & Payment:

We usually give $100 discounts on scooters, lift chairs and power chairs to military or veterans

We offer financing through Care Credit and Acima

Yes, we work with most of our customers on additional discounts



That depends on the budget of the customer. We can always work with them to provide them with an item that fulfills their needs and falls within their budget

We need to do a thorough evaluation of the equipment and determine if it is worth purchasing for our rental fleet.

As per Franchise rules – there are no refunds or exchanges


Scooters, lift chairs, power chairs, hospital beds, walkers, wheelchairs, knee walkers, ramps

We have daily, weekend, weekly, half-month, and monthly options

Absolutely! We deliver throughout the entire Rio Grande Valley

Yes, It depends on the distance



If you are considering a purchase but would like to use the equipment to try it out, we can discount half of the rental amount towards purchase of the equipment.


Basically you can call us before your arrival and we deliver your rental with the designated airline at VIA.

With the airline that the customer will be flying with.


Yes, we have in house service options

Absolutely! We cover the entire Rio Grande Valley area for service and repairs.

Yes – contact us today to learn more!

Preferably. We like to schedule appointments to make sure the technician will be in the store when the customer brings the equipment.


Yes. Our technician has a Bio-Medical equipment repair certification and goes through the Mobility City training as well.



In-Home Delivery:

Anywhere within the Rio Grande Valley are. We also do special deliveries to Laredo and Corpus Christi, Texas

Depending on the delivery area and the current schedule for our technician, most deliveries will be done within 24 hours.


Products & Equipment:


Yes, customers can provide their credit card information over the phone.



Yes, we always carry stock of different amperage MK batteries



Yes we do.

Depends on the condition of the equipment.





Scooters, wheelchairs, hospital beds, walkers, power chairs, knee walkers

No – it is a very safe process!


Depending on the usage, every month

We can sanitize at home